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Ik kwam dit tegen op HLTV.org en vond het wel het delen waard.
Gemaakt door: Audun Krogstad

This is basically my first blog, so I really hope that everything works out well on hltv since I have no idea how this blog entry is gonna look like when it's finished. As an amateur photographer, I will talk about the twelve photographs that I feel has made the biggest impact on daily life today as we view it, and i'll write a short text under each photo describing the story and situation behind it, some longer than others. Note that many of these pictures include topics such as war and death. I recommend you to read the title of the photograph and then view the picture before reading the description of it.

12. Burning Monk, Malcolm Browne.

Iconic and strong image of a monk setting himself on fire in protest. This is a very painfull and strong photograph to watch, but yet important due to the message the man had. He burned himself alive in protest against the persecution of Buddhists. People nearby were shocked by what he did, and they could smell the burning human flesh coming from him. His name was Thich Quang Duc.

11. Nagasaki bombings, 1945, unknown photographer.

This is probably one of the most iconic photographs in the world. This is the aftermath of the nuclear bomb "Fat Man" on Nagasaki in 1945, only three days after the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima was dropped. The thing that makes this photograph special is not only the huge explosion and death of over 40,000 people, but the fact that this is the reason why Japan surrendered during World War 2. One of the biggest disaster and tragedy in human history, all captured for us to see.

10. Wounded soldier at home - Eugene Richards.

"War all comes down to these little tiny stories about people's lives that will never be the same."

The man you see on the picture is the same man who made the quote you read above. Sgt. José Pequeño is an iraq veteran who lost half his head when a iranian soldier threw a grenade inside him and his platoon's humlee. The result ended with the driver being killed and José taking the casualties as seen on the photograph. The woman hugging him is his mother, who had just been informed that her son had suffered a serious brain injury which would affect his daily life tremendously. The photograph quickly triggered public emotions and won a title in the World Press Photo competition.

9. The Photograph that Allowed Geniuses to Have a Sense of Humor - Arthur Sasse.


It is surely not the first time you see this photograph, and I think we all know which genius is portrayed in it. Einstein was known for being a serious man looking for answers, and the idea of seeing such a smart man whip out his humorous side in front of a camera seemed impossible. That is, until Eistein got tired of all the journalists asking him questions during his 72nd birthday. Arthur was the only one to capture this facial expression on camera which literally happened in seconds, and which also proved that even though you are one of the smartest humans to exist, you can still have a crazy side.

8. Lunchtime atop a Skyscraper, Charles C. Ebbets.

Once again, you have most likely seen this photograph before due to it's massive global exposure. What we see here is not something that was considered weird back in 1932, when it was captured, but the angle of the photograph made it spectacular the way the public viewed it. There is eleven construction workers who have their lunch break on top of a girder, hundreds of feet above ground, with no security equipment. The thing that makes this photograph stand out for me is the way all the construction workers have a laugh together, and that something none of us would have the guts to do is just another day for them. On the left side you can even see one of the men light up a cigarette for the other. This really made me think about the "bottom of the food chain-people" who do the dirty work, which i'm pretty sure many others feel as well.

7. Omaha Beach, Robert Capa, 1944.

"If your pictures aren’t good enough," war photographer Robert Capa used to say, "you aren’t close enough." Words to die by, yes, but the man knew of what he spoke. After all, his most memorable shots were taken on the morning of D-Day, June 6, 1944, when he landed alongside the first waves of infantry at Omaha Beach. He was so close to the action that he pretty much just had to run and duck while taking his photographs. After making it out alive, several of his photographs were burned and destroyed due to a mistake by the lab developer. The photograph you saw is slightly out of focus due to this mistake. However, it's the little mistake in the photograph that made it so realistic and known. It really puts you in the fast and confusing point of view the soldiers find themselves in. Director Steven Spielberg even recreated this scene in his worldwide known film Saving Private Ryan.

6. Devastated Prime Minister of Norway, Tommy Ellingsen.

This is a photograph that stays close to me for various reasons. Not only because one of the greatest persons i've ever met died that day, but because it pretty much sums up the feelings a whole country had. On 22th of July, 2011, Anders Breivik detonated a bomb in Oslo which killed 8 people, and later went on to murder another 69 on a island called Utøya, where political teenagers had a summer camp meeting. I knew many people who were there when it happened, including one who never made it home. The man you see on the photograph is Prime Minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, who embraces AUF-leader Eskil Pedersen, who was on the island the day Breivik opened fire. The look on his face is so raw, true and heart breaking. You can just see how sad, angry and devastated he is over the situation. The photograph won a title in the World Press Photo competition.

5. Tank man, Jeff Widener.

Again a famous photograph, this time of an unknown rebel at Tiananmen Square, 1989. The man blocking the path for the column of tanks is one of the many Chinese people who were tired of the government's crack-down on unarmed protestors. This is a big piece of Chinese history, and it shows human courage at it's best because of the young man standing his ground. He was later dragged away from the road by police, but he made a solid statement that people have had enough.

4. The Photograph That Ended a War But Ruined a Life, Eddie Adams.


This is a strong photograph of an unprovoked murder of a Vietcong prisoner during the vietnam war. We see General Nguyễn Ngọc Loan executing a handcuffed prisoner in the open street, named Nguyễn Văn Lém. This triggered alot of media exposure, and caused alot of anger by the public. The public's opinion on the Vietnam war changed a little that day after seeing this photograph. Even though the content of the photograph is pretty easy to understand, the situation behind it is more complicated. The man being executed had just blown up several soldiers, and was by no means innocent. However, he was no longer a threat towards them, but anger caused the General to kill him. One of my favourite quotes come from this photograph as well, said by Eddie Adams;

"The general killed the Viet Cong; I killed the general with my camera. Still photographs are the most powerful weapon in the world."

By this, he is talking about the General being hated by the public people for killing that prisoner, which was revealed by the photograph Eddie Adams took with his camera. The General died a dishonorable way, which was his worst nightmare. Game over.

3. The falling man on 9/11, Richard Drew.

9/11 was a huge tragedy, probably one of the most known as well. Very few people were left with no sad feelings on that day, and with good reason. Almost 3,000 innocent people were killed that day due to terrorist attacks. One of the very many was this man, who is still not identified. He was one of the many people who decided to jump from the building instead of being burned alive. When you see a photograph like this, you just have to ask yourself; how was it like for this man? Personally I can't even imagine how painfull it would have to be, jumping to a sure death from the top of the Twin Towers. The decision of accepting that you are gonna die, and actually deciding yourself when it is gonna happen. Documentaries were made from this photograph, the man is yet not known.

2. Sudanese child, Kevin Carter.

A strong image of a clearly weak child being followed by a Vulture. The thing about this photograph is that it's perfect in terms of composition, but it's horrible in terms of humanity. Kevin Carter waited for about 30 minutes to get the perfect shot, leaving without helping the weak child. He won several awards for the photograph, but many people thought of him as a horrible person for not helping the child. He then started having dreams about dead children screaming for his help, and it came to a point where he just couldn't live with what he had done. He commited suicide, and left a note saying he couldn't live knowing he didn't help that child when it was in need of it. There was made a documentary about Kevin Carter's life as well.

1. Raising of the flag on Iwo Jima, Joe Rosenthal.

The most known and historic war photograph to ever be taken. Five United States Marines and one U.S. Navy corpsman raise the flag of the United States atop the hill tops of Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima during World War II. Three of the men in the picture died, and the photograph itself has almost become the symbol of American Bravery. The photograph is perfect in all ways, there is actually not one single mistake about it. It shows bravery of soldiers at it's best, and huge respect of it's country they are fighting for. It will surely be remembered forever, and it is without a doubt a huge part of American History. The most printed war photography in the world, and also used in a movie by Clint Eastwood, Joe Rosenthal can be proud as hell over taking one of the most acclaimed photographs in the world.

Audun Krogstad


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Dacht even dat dit met gamen te maken had.... :S bs!

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